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New 2024

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Need assistance with your Stails Kitchen? We'll get you the help you need.


Please fill out the form below to help us direct you to the right solution or person to contact.


Once you discover your dream space and place your order, we will aim to deliver your newly designed kitchen or bedroom within 4 weeks. Also, if you have arranged your own installer, then the time will vary as per the installer's availability. To find out more, you can connect with our team.

Yes, we do offer installation service. We have a team of project and approved Installers who get the job done right in the shortest possible time.

All the units will be tailored to your unique needs and preferences, so if you want to change your order, it must be done a minimum of 28 days before the delivery.

We follow stringent processes for quality control, thus, it is rare to encounter missing or damaged items. If you receive a missing or damaged item with your order, you can replace the same in the lead time of around 10 working days. You can report through your account which is available on My Account Page, or The Stails App.

Yes, you can track your order through The Stails App.

We have an extensive range of finishes, colors, and styles that may perfectly fit your requirements. You can explore our collections or find a showroom near you.

We have an extensive color palette and each shade has been developed exclusively. Whether you are a fan of rich darks, simple shades of white, unique bright hues, or traditional neutrals, we balance the harmony of colors with each other. You just need to discuss your preferences about the color shades, we will mix and match the colors to give you the shade beyond your expectations.

Our team pays meticulous attention to your specific needs and crafts the design with the utmost care and value for your dream home. To ensure a smooth process, we keep you updated with every phase of the way.


Seamlessly transform your space with our hassle-free design consultation for stylish interiors. Kickstart your journey towards your dream home today.


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