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Our valued client from the South wanted to have pastel vibes for his pooja room. He was renovating his entire home and wanted to have a separate pooja room.

He wanted a whole new and dedicatedly designed pooja room in the living room that typically includes all the necessary elements such as a platform to place religious icons as well as burning laps or incense, religious books, or sacred texts while having comfortable seating and soothing lighting. Overall, he wanted to create a serene and positive environment within the living room.

Our experts recommended mild greens, soft blues, muted pinks, and pale yellows to promote a sense of inner calm and tranquility. All these shades have a capacity to create a welcoming and calming environment. Thus, they are perfectly fit to be used for a pooja room, where the person can have prayers, meditation, and spiritual connection. They also added symbolic designs such as Swastik through CNC cutting technology on the door.

Our expert designers considered all the aspects including colors and lighting to design the perfect divine space for the client. They used different hues of yellow, white, and violet depending on the illumination of the entire room. As the living room was quite big, they used mustard yellow on the walls to give a bright look to the room. 

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Stails India Terms and Conditions

  1. Manufacturing Warranty: Stails provides a comprehensive manufacturing warranty covering a period of 10 years from the date of purchase. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects or faults arising from normal use of the product. Any damages resulting from misuse, improper handling, or modifications made by the customer will not be covered under this warranty.

  2. Cancellation Policy:

    • If cancellation is requested during the pre-production stage, designing charges will be deducted from the refund amount. The exact deduction will be communicated to the customer at the time of cancellation.

    • Once production has commenced, orders cannot be cancelled. Stails reserves the right to proceed with production as scheduled, and no refunds will be issued for cancelled orders at this stage.


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